Justin Goode

Justin is one of the co-founders of the Instant Film Society, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of analog instant films and also runs a commercial photography company in the North Texas area. Among other things he's also a percussionist, pianist, vinyl junkie, billiard player and woodworker. He is blessed with an incredible wife and two, soon to be three, children whom he refers to as his "ladies".

Feel free to browse my other website at www.goodepics.com to view my commercial portfolio.

Synthia Goode

Synthia is an overall boss at what she does behind the camera as well as behind the scenes, suggesting poses, making children smile and overall just making everybody at the shoot feel good. She's also an amazing mother to two, soon to be three wonderful children.

Our Story

Justin and Synthia have been shooting clients for well over 10 years around North Texas and beyond. What started out as a hobby and something to do together as a couple grew into a full-fledged business over the last decade. Their skills run deep and their passion for photographing clients the same.

Next Steps...

Interested in working with Justin and Synthia? Email us or call 940.441.2163 to schedule an appointment.