Last year, I got stuck on the idea of recreating an image of Forrest Gump at Monument Valley with my friend Justin.    We talked it over and about 7 months later we set out on this incredible trip joined by our friend Richard.  Justin (JV as we like to call him) had been growing out his beard specifically for this trip/image and by the end of the year was growing tired of his beastly beard.    The trip (another blog post I need to write) was a success and we captured some awesome images around the four corners area of the US.  Here are a couple of the images of JV in Monument Valley …

Monument Valley - Mile Marker 13 - Mamiya C330 - Ektar 100
Monument Valley – Mile Marker 13 – Mamiya C330 – Ektar 100
Monument Valley - Mile Marker 13 - Nikon D700 + 85mm f/1.4
Monument Valley – Mile Marker 13 – Nikon D700 + 85mm f/1.4

Once we got back home, JV was ready to shed the beast on his face.  It was pretty out of control and understandably, he wanted that thing gone.  I mentioned that it would be really funny if he let my wife shave his beard & head completely while I did some still photography in the studio for a stop motion video.   He laughed and told me that he wasn’t interested in shaving it ALL off.     A few days later I was talking to him and he said something about the video.  It seemed he had come around and was willing to make the sacrifice 🙂

The video clip is comprised of about 1800 still images taken in a studio, then imported & converted into a short segment in iMovie.    The music in the background is Maxwell (on a Maxwell kick lately – please don’t frown on its unauthorized use) .




  1. Cindy Culpepper

    Love it!! Wasn’t to keen on him going from wooly to completely bare but it was a coool video.!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely brilliant video!! A great idea and so well executed too. JV is a good sport for taking part in both projects – I love the Forest Gump images too – great work!!

  3. Justin Goode Author

    Thank you James! Last year’s trip to Utah to see Monument Valley & Arches National Park was definitely a trip I will never forget. Many memories with my two friends wandering and exploring the rich landscape of the four corners. It took so long for JV to grow the beard, I thought it was only fitting to capture it’s disappearance in a matter of seconds! Thanks for reading and for your comment! 🙂

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